Keep it Cancelled
July 11 & 12, 2020
What is cc?
Cancelled Con is a free online creative event featuring an eclectic lineup of special guests that celebrate and showcase the spirit of creativity in community.
🔥 Still confused? Watch this dumpster fire. 🔥
Be our sports bra
We need your support. This season, we're donation based! Each donation unlocks a CC Membership with rewards to inspire your creativity.

Our suggested donation is $50 and each tier includes rewards valued at more than the donation amount. We are working with sponsors to keep new rewards coming until the day of the event! All rewards will be delivered after July 12th.

* These funds will help support the speakers, staff, and reinvestment into the design community.
4,987 Available
• Cancelled Con Membership
• Font Pack
• Texture Pack
• Brushes
2,483 Available
• Cancelled Con Membership
• Cancelled Con Poster
• Sticker Pack
• Mama's Sauce Discount Code
• Denik Discount Code
• Bad Lucky Studio Discount Code
• Hellcats Discount Code
138 Available
• Cancelled Con Membership
• Cancelled Con Slack Access
• 25% off Circles Conference
• Access to After Party
• 1 Year of Yellow Membership